Nora J., babysitter i København (2100)

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Emphatic, playful babysitter

Dear parents,

I'm a responsible girl from Norway (26), and have recently settled down in Copenhagen after studying in Australia.

I'm working part-time for a Media agency. But would love to bring something meaningful to my everyday-life through babysitting.

Kids are my favorite types of humans as they bring so much joy, love & happiness to the world. I'm the eldest of my siblings and have always enjoyed the "big sister role" and everything that includes: babysitting, being the best possible role-model, and giving them all the love they needed.

I also worked in a kindergarten in Norway for 6 months while I was on my study break. In this role, I guided and supervised children (age 2-5) in daily routines, initiated in playful activities, and always made sure every child's needs were met with a caring attitude.

I was also a regular babysitter for my 2-year old neighbor girl when living and studying in Australia.

Kids are the future and as a carer/babysitter, I take on full responsibility to make sure they feel safe and supported. I love being outdoors and will happily engage in fun, creative activities.

Please contact me if you think I could assist. Happy to answer further questions or even meet in person.

Nora Marie

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